Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Le Salon Beige is down

Le Salon Beige has been down for several days, the victim of "pirates". They have a backup site here.

The website has been the target of a prosecution for its defense of the Manif Pour Tous and its condemnation of Christiane Taubira's law on same-sex marriage. According to their statement, their server has been attacked multiple times over five days.

Posting without LSB is a challenge. I will continue to use other websites, and the LSB backup site if possible. Let's hope they're back soon. Life isn't the same without them and our knowledge of the situation in France is temporarily drastically reduced.


Sunday, April 20, 2014

Another look at France from CBN

This latest video from Dale Hurd of CBN is posted at Riposte Laïque. You can also read the transcript here.

Pass it on. 

Note: There is one thing I object to: the young Turkish author says he does not want the French to become racists, which is, in his view, what will happen if they really start fighting back. This is possible, of course. But why would fighting back furiously, in a last-ditch effort to save your country, be racist? Or, to put it more bluntly, how could it be otherwise, since the French are being attacked by immigrant racists? Fighting back, saving oneself, and saving white civilization have been made into crimes against humanity by the political/educational/media complex. 

The real crime is that it has been allowed to get this far. France can tolerate about half a million Muslims, at most. There are between ten and fifteen million immigrants, mostly Muslims in the country, having been brought in by government policies for over forty years. The government thought they could force the French into submission, and if they did not submit, they became ipso facto racists, hence "nazis". This sadistic trap is beginning to backfire onto the leaders, past and present, of the Fifth Republic. Innocent Frenchmen have suffered intolerable abuse, and will continue to suffer. Will the guilty go to the gallows? 

Do not believe figures put forth by the press that there are five or six million Muslims in the country. That was the official government figure from the late 1990's!

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Happy Easter

The text reads:

Spring is the most beautiful season. It is the season of Easter and the Resurrection. May Easter bring you peace and serenity and allow you to marvel at the miracle of life.

Thanks to zazie for these flowers and to dauphin for the St. Matthew Passion. And thanks to everyone who continues to read this blog, despite my irregular posting.


Gauloises factory closes its doors

The famous French cigarette Gauloise will no longer be manufactured in France. This article is from François Desouche:

The biggest cigarette manufacturer in France, la Seita, is closing the doors of its factory and relocating to Poland: three hundred twenty-seven jobs are threatened and Gauloise, one of the jewels of our cultural identity, will no longer be produced on French soil.

Manuel Valls, just appointed Prime Minister, did not delay in encountering difficulties. The factory in Carquefou, near Nantes, manufactures about 12.2 billion cigarettes every year, but is suffering from the drop in sales. The French government is keeping a low profile, finding itself in a complicated situation: years of investing in campaigns against tobacco have paid off. The poor sales of Gauloises, among others, ought to be good news. Yet, the government remains silent. The relocation of the factory is, in truth, a tough blow to the French ego. (…)

With the departure of Gauloises for Poland, an era seems to have definitively ended. The French nation-state, in which State borders, cultural identity and apparatus of production converged no longer exists. Groping in the dark for a new identity (the success of Marine Le Pen is not really due to chance), this exceptional State that is France cannot escape the merciless economic fate of globalization. And this fate strikes the cultural identity of the country right in its heart.

Note: It is perfectly OK to have multiple abortions, to bear a child for someone else, to shop at sperm banks, to endorse sodomy, to voluntarily bring illegitimate children into the world, to destroy children's sexual identity, to harass Catholics and other "extremists", to blare anti-white, anti-French rap music in shops and restaurants, to eat halal, to turn against your own country, to admire Piss-Christ, to encourage racially mixed marriages and to ignore the massacres of Christians, just don't smoke!

Below, twenty-seven seconds of a commercial for Gauloises (from 2009):

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Saturday, April 19, 2014

The Louvre cancels projected Eastern Christianity department

Having spent a fortune building a prestigious and highly-acclaimed Islamic wing to the Louvre museum, the French ministry of Culture has now cancelled plans to build a much-needed wing dedicated to Eastern Christianity, in particular the Byzantine Empire.

This story has not received the full media coverage it deserves. I found this report by Giorgio Bernardelli in English at Vatican Insider:

The Louvre will be dedicating a new section to the Artistic heritage of Eastern Christians, the Byzantine Empire and the slaves,” Nicholas Sarkozy announced back in January 2010. Just a few months later, the former president of the prestigious Parisian museum – Henri Loyerette – set out a plan and time frame for the initiative: “It will occupy a 1000 m² space of exhibition rooms previously allocated to the Islamic art section (which in 2012 was moved to another part of the Louvre, Ed.) and visitors will have access to it as of 2014,” he explained.

Now 2014 is here and not only has the project not gone ahead, it was completely scrapped by the museum’s new management, with the approval of François Hollande’s culture ministry. Professor Marie-Hélène Rutschowscaya – former head of the Louvre’s Coptic section and one of the world’s top scholars specialising in the treasures of Eastern Christianity – denounced the move in an open letter to French Catholic newspaper La Croix. The scholar explained that the Louvre has decided to use the vacant exhibition halls previously dedicated to Islamic art, as welcome areas for school group visits to the museum. This meant shelving the idea of putting on show the precious treasures of Eastern Christianity which the museum possesses. These are currently spread across different sections and some are even sitting in boxes in the museum’s warehouses.

Professor Rutschowscaya is frank in saying that the Louvre’s decision constitutes a secularist cultural prejudice by the Hollande government. Shouldn’t we condemn the fact that France has decided to adopt such a cold cultural policy towards countries whose culture has been deeply marked by Byzantine and post-Byzantine era Christianity leaving our Medieval West with such a rich legacy? The dramatic events we are currently seeing in the Middle East and Eastern Europe should instead spur us to do more to promote lasting cultural ties,” the professor wrote in her letter.

In an interview with La Croix, the current president of the Louvre, Jean-Luc Martinez, justified the decision by claiming that the creation of a new section on Eastern Christianity would have involved a lengthy rethinking of the use of the current spaces (though this did not prevent the Louvre from launching the Islamic art section back in 2003). Martinez said he was generally in favour of the idea of grouping Byzantine art into one single section of the museum but he added that the priority today is to sort out the public’s access to the spaces in the pyramid. Work on these will begin in July and last two years, so the Byzantine art will have to wait, at least until 2017.

Besides the cultural war, this whole affair seems set to dig the knife deeper into the wounded relations between France and Eastern Christians. Since 1500, the Sultans of the East gave entrusted the kings of Paris with the task of protecting the rights of Christian communities in The Middle East. This is partly why François Hollande’s support to the Syrian opposition forces fighting the Bashar al Assad regime, was seen by most Eastern Christians as a nod to Islamist militias. When Hervé Magro took up his new post as French consul general in Jerusalem he hastened to underline how important the role of protector of Middle Eastern Christians really was to France and that the memory of this lives on. But for now, the museum that represents the highest temple of French culture seems to have put this memory on hold. Despite the ordeal Eastern Christians are currently experiencing first hand.

In a French article at La Croix, Isabelle de Gaulmyn states:

"While in Turkey they are razing Armenian and Syriac cemeteries, and in Syria the entire Christian heritage is being bombed, destroyed or pillaged amidst general indifference, the inglorious burial of this project that aimed to restore its true value to the civilization of Eastern Christianity leaves a bitter taste."

She goes on to regret the cancellation of the wing on grounds that it would have provided an opportunity for discussions on religion in a museum and not in a religious context. She praises the Islamic wing:

"It allows the young people of the immigrant population to reappropriate a part of their history and others to admire its richness."

Note: In other words, the Islamic wing of the Louvre is teaching us how great Islam is.

Another article at La Croix by Sabine Gignoux states that some of the Louvre's curators feared a grouping of works according to religious criteria. Then-president of the Louvre Henri Loyrette attempted to allay their fears:

"It is a civilizational approach founded on an empire and "Christian kingdoms that were political entities, from Holy Russia to Cyprus, as well as Armenia."

The scientific plans for this now-scrapped wing stated:

"The Byzantine collections of the Louvre constitute one of the premier collections on an international scale. They rival in importance those of Dumbarton Oaks in Washington, the Bode Museum in Berlin and even the Byzantine museums of Athens and Thessalonika, and they surpass those of the British Museum or the Metropolitan Museum of New York…"

What do La Croix readers say?

- A sad decision.

- We must stop seeing everything from the anti-Christian point of view. This view fosters a refusal of the Other. It encourages the Front National and other fundamentalists with a nostalgia for Christianity. Laïcité is the guarantor of the plurality of monotheistic religions, which is not the case with these jittery conservatives who belong to a past that will not return. History never begins anew.

- The comment (above) seems to me to be 90% off topic except for the admission that some twelve hundred years of Eastern Mediterranean history are worthless and non-existent when one has bought into the idea of laïcité.

Above: The Lamentations Over Our Lord Christ, unknown artist, 1164. Monastery of St Panteleimon, Macedonia.

Below: Christ Pantocrator, unknown artist, early 14th century. Church of the All-Blessed Mother of God, Istanbul, Turkey.

Both images come from Art in Faith, classified under "Byzantine".

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Friday, April 18, 2014

The St. Matthew Passion

Johann Sebastian Bach, St. Matthew Passion, BWV 244

Amsterdam Baroque Orchestra conducted by Ton Koopman

Tenor: Jörg Dürmüller (Evangelista),

Bass: Ekkehard Abele (Christ),

Soprano: Cornelia Samuelis,
Tenor: Paul Agnew,
Bass: Klaus Mertens,
Alto: Bogna Bartosz

Two hours and forty-three minutes, subtitled. If you prefer, watch it at YouTube.

Read about this masterwork at Wikipedia.

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"And there was a darkness over all the earth until the ninth hour…"

Artwork by Benjo Camay, a Philippine artist.

The body of Christ is clearly drawn in black with a large patch of light behind him breaking through the darkness. His body is arched forward, and his cloak is waving in the wind. A panel of the cloak is flying,  twisted upward along the left.  His arms are not visible, but drops of blood fall from the cross bar and his ribs are discernible in the enlarged version of the image. There is a sign above his head. At the foot of the cross, reaching upward, is Mary. Is it Mary Magdalene, or Mary, mother of Christ, or Mary, wife of Cleophas? Can we answer this? Based on John 19:25 it could be any of the above.

Jesus was mocked by the crowd because he could not save himself. "If you are who you say you are, then prove it," they shouted to him. He would prove it on Sunday.

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Family Planning pressures

The poster above from Planning-Familial (Family Planning) appears at Yves Daoudal's website. Daoudal, a staunch Catholic, shares his thoughts:

Planning, qualified ironically as "family", has announced a new campaign promoting the murder of children not yet born, in order to "de-stigmatize" abortion, which is an essential right. Like the right to live, for example.

Planning-Familial has a new website, calling on women who have aborted to attest publicly how much fun it is to kill a child.

Note: The website doesn't quite say that, but it is implied. They urge women to share their experiences because there is so much stigmatization and guilt, meaning, we can assume, that if everybody knew the truth about abortion, there would be less harsh criticism. The implication is clear that abortion is not all that bad, so why not talk about it.

He goes on:

And they have a new poster: "Abortion is a right and I am the one who chooses, Yes!" It will be placed in the waiting rooms of health care professionals. On the poster we see a young girl or woman shouting "Yes", to a group of horrible reactionaries who look on disapprovingly. Among them there is a Catholic priest (but no rabbi or imam). There is also a heavy-set middle-class woman who looks like… Simone Veil.

Note: Simone Veil was the sponsor of the 1975 law, known as the Veil law, that legalized abortion, within certain restrictions. One restriction, that the girl had to be in great emotional distress, was eliminated in the National Assembly in January of this year. Najat Vallaud-Belkacem, minister for women's affairs, declared that abortion is a right unto itself and not "a form of tolerance with a few added conditions."

What is written at the bottom, like the whole poster including the attitude of the young woman, shows clearly that abortion is not a "right" like any other, nor a neutral "choice"… You cannot eliminate natural moral law with the stroke of a pen, even after forty years of intensive propaganda.

Here's what is written at the bottom:

Each year in France more than 200,000 women abort. It's their right. It's about choice. They don't have to justify themselves, feel guilty or ask forgiveness.

If it were a right, there would be no need to hammer it home. We would all recognize the natural inherent right of a girl to have an abortion whenever she chooses. Clearly, it is not a right. It's the result of a failure on the part of the girl to avoid trouble, either by using contraception or by exercising prudent behavior. For young girls to avoid trouble a solid upbringing and education, from parents and the society as a whole, are necessary, including the inculcation of right and wrong, a sense of the sacred, and a fear of the consequences of imprudent actions. This may not be enough to prevent a disaster but it would prevent endemic disasters. Two hundred thousand abortions a year in France is an indicator of the disastrous effect of feminism and sexual license on girls. They demanded contraception, then rejected it, preferring to abort.  But contraceptives alone wouldn't solve the problem, since they may result in infertility, cancer, and more promiscuous behavior, which in turn can lead to diseases and numerous other trauma that are as bad as an abortion.

In other words, there's no such thing as safe sex, except in marriage. While Catholics, understandably, oppose abortion in any circumstances, my point of view is to prevent pregnancy, except in marriage. And this can only be done in a society that, through education and cultural and religious strictures, dissuades young girls from taking such terrible risks and urges them to think of the consequences. But we are in a dissolute society where culturally-generated peer pressure becomes unbearable and young girls, often to show off, yield to men or seek out men, and then go and tell their girlfriends about it. Having a sexual experience makes you look good, and young girls are in fierce competition for sexual experiences almost as a symbol of success. Ultimately such competitiveness is a form of torture, and girls should be mature enough to be able to withdraw from the brutalizing race and reflect on what is really best for them. Easier said than done.

One of Daoudal's readers reproaches him his morals and boasts about how things are in his country:

- I suppose that when you cite natural law, you are referring to your morals and your dogmas. And what if others didn't share your way of seeing things? Leave to each one the freedom of choice. You are not being asked to have an abortion, but let others do as they please. That is called TOLERANCE.

Everybody doesn't speak of the "murder of children" who are going to be born. The young girl (in the poster) does indeed seem to be in a bad mood. She's right, because she is lashing out at a group of people who want to impose their dogmas, their beliefs, their "natural morality."

I am happy to be Belgian where people have opened a space for freedom where everybody expresses himself and acts in accordance with his philosophical convictions. We don't make a drama of abortion, or of contraception, of gay marriage, of euthanasia. Everybody does as he pleases and respects those who are not of the same opinion. You have your beliefs but don't attack the ideas of others. Whatever you may think, there is no superior philosophy.

Note: A perfect example of today's smug moral relativism. And yet, many of us have at one time or another thought this way. We learned from observation, from trial and error, from disasters and from being mugged on a daily basis by reality that there is a superior morality, and we must aim for it, even if we cannot reach it.

If you want the truth about what happens to girls who have abortions, read this article from After Abortion. The figures on suicide and attempted suicide alone are enough to justify an intensive campaign to re-educate girls and strengthen traditional families.

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Thursday, April 17, 2014

The chairman of the Socialist Party

The new chairman of the French Socialist Party is a former Trotskyist of Greek origin, Jean-Christophe Cambadélis. In 2012, he had hopes of attaining the honor, but was by-passed in favor of SOS-Racism president Harlem Désir, who is now secretary of State on European Affairs.

Cambadélis has a long history of associations with the far left and the Communist Party. From his early twenties, under the pseudonym "Kostas", he was deeply involved in student movements alongside other notable leftists such as Benjamin Stora and Julien Dray (founder of SOS-Racism). As president of the UNEF-ID (Union of French Students - Independent and Democratic) he spoke at place de la Bastille on the evening of May 10, 1981 when François Mitterrand was elected to the presidency, and about the same time he began his long and virulent fight against the Front National.

Cambadélis and his allies decided to leave the Communist/Trotskyist groups and join the Socialist Party, hoping to strengthen the party's ties to student movements. In 1988 Cambadélis was elected Socialist deputy from the 19th arrondissement of Paris but lost the position in the election five years later in 1993, despite his close ties with Lionel Jospin.

He became spokesman for Lionel Jospin's presidential campaign 2002. When Jospin lost to Jean-Marie Le Pen in the first round, the stinging defeat raised the issue of who would replace Jospin as party leader and potential candidate. Cambadélis felt the replacement most likely to lead the country into "social democracy" was Dominique Strauss-Kahn whose principal "lieutenant" he became, launching an initiative called Reconstructeurs, and supporting Martine Aubry's bid to become chairman of the Socialist Party.

Note: We know what eventually happened. In 2011, DSK was arrested in New York and his potential as a candidate came to a brutal end. Aubry, too closely associated with DSK, was replaced in 2012 by Harlem Désir as chairman of the party. Cambadélis was for a while disabled by the turn of events, but cunning tactician that he is, he stayed the course.

A reminder that Martine Aubry also has a long history of far-left affiliations, and as mayor of Lille has demonstrated great indulgence toward the Algerian population and the mafia-style networks of prostitution in which DSK participated.

His opposition to the Front National began, as indicated above, in the 1980's when he reproached his Communist allies for not recognizing the dangers of the FN, stressing the need to democratize the Communist Party which was then following Stalinist methods of administration. In 1990, having joined the Socialists, he launched a movement called the Manifest against the Front National that examined carefully the principles of the Front National to better combat them. Cambadélis developed the strategy of "democratic harassment": the entire gamut of left-wing parties was to mobilize whenever the FN held any kind of meeting or event. The culmination was the demonstration of March 29, 1997 in Strasbourg directed against the FN's convention. If these attacks disrupted in any way the functioning of the FN, they did not prevent Jean-Marie Le Pen from winning the first round of the 2002 presidential election.

Cambadélis has been deputy in the National Assembly representing the 19th arrondissement of Paris since 2002. 

Like many Socialists with roots deep in Stalinism, Trotskyism and revolutionary student movements, Jean-Christophe Cambadélis has a substantial police record, though he has not served time:

In 2000 he was sentenced in criminal court to a five-month suspended sentence and a fine of 15,244 euros for receiving a salary of 67,382 euros from a fictitious position in an agency called Agos that manages housing for immigrant workers.

In 2006 he was sentenced to a six-month suspended sentence and a fine of 20,000 euros for receiving salaries of 620,500 francs; 420,499 francs; and 200,000 francs. These sums were paid to him for his services as a "sociologist", as an administrator "in charge of embassies and universities" and as a permanent member of the MNEF council, a student organization.

No wonder he got along with Dominique Strauss-Kahn, Julien Dray, Benjamin Stora, et al.!

The French Socialist Party cannot be considered a political party of France with goals that are in the interest of the country, whether or not one agrees with them. It is not representative of the historic French people. It is rather a renegade coalition of cynical gangsters who have succeeded admirably in duping the people with promises of freebies and goodies. That the people have allowed such men to rule them is the real question the French must ponder and answer.

On April 15, 2014 Cambadélis got his wish - he was elected First Secretary of the Socialist Party, with 67% of the votes of the national party council. He will only hold the position until the autumn of 2015, when the party holds its convention.

The above information in brown print is an extreme condensation, not a translation, of the Wikipedia page (in French, replete with links) devoted to Cambadélis.

I know nothing of his private life, but there is a slide show with photos of his second marriage at Pure People. He is holding an unidentified child in one shot.

You may want to review the events of May 1968 in France at Wikipedia (English). Cambadélis, born in 1951, is clearly a child of 1968, his allies such as Benjamin Stora all being active participants in the Revolution that brought down Charles De Gaulle and set France on a path of national disintegration, as massive non-European immigration, multiculturalism, and Europeanism all conspired to destroy utterly both the monarchical foundations and the Western Christian traditions of the country. The youth of 1968 became the executioners of Western tradition. Their cultural DNA is completely different from that of their predecessors, including those who believed in the Republic. Their arrogance, amorality, atheism and anti-white hatred have debilitated our civilization probably beyond the point of repair. And yet they did not send people to concentration camps - they turned France herself into a concentration camp for honest patriots, white ethnic Frenchmen and dissidents who question the untouchable doctrines of leveling, dissolution of traditional relationships and elimination of borders.

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Holy Thursday

Above, The Last Supper, oil on panel, by Heinrich Lutzelmann from 1485, resides in the church of Saint-Pierre-le Vieux in Strasbourg, France.

Below, the Cenacle on Mount Zion in Jerusalem, venerated by Christians as the site of The Last Supper.

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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

"Too much suffering, not enough hope..."

"Too much suffering, not enough hope…"

Manuel Valls got that right in his major policy address to the National Assembly on April 8. He didn't bother to add that his party is the cause of most of the suffering and that the vassal of the Socialist Party - the UMP - is the cause of the rest. And of course he couldn't bring himself to admit that the Front National offers what little hope there is for the country:

(…) Through their votes and the historic number of abstentions, the French expressed their disappointment, their doubts, their discontent and sometimes their anger. They expressed fear of the future, fear of too much taxation… and their thirst for justice. I heard them. They spoke against political impotence. And the President of the Republic has drawn political lessons from this very clear message.

(…) I want to render homage to Jean-Marc Ayrault. He acted with rectitude, a sense of the State. (…) In very different circumstances, sixty years ago, a man showed us the way, Pierre Mendès-France.

(…) I promise to tell the French people the truth. Reality is there, we must look at it without trembling."

Note: The innocent people you threw into jail have seen the reality you speak of, Manuel. Promising to tell the French people the truth is the daily pastime of French leaders. But the French have always believed the lie, until now. And even now, we aren't certain they fully appreciate the scale of the emergency.

However, Valls did concede the following without pointing to the underlying causes:

(...) Attacks on people have been continuously rising for thirty years, drug trafficking, increase in the number of burglaries… Finally there are all these uncivil insults that ruin people's lives. All of that has been affecting the morale of our fellow citizens, and not just for six months, but for years. That is the truth.

Note: Indeed it is. Valls has just condemned his own party's long-standing policies.

(…) A strong democracy has a respected Parliament. The Executive determines the aims, and the Parliament passes the laws. I know the expectations of the parliamentary majority, I share them. And I want to work with the majority on the foundations of a balanced contract. I want to work with the Radicals, the Socialists, and also the Ecologists. I have no adversary on the left, and we can make progress together in many areas.

(…) To govern is to listen to the ensemble of national representatives, hence the opposition. I will propose that the party chairmen of the UMP and UDI (centrist) meet with me next week.

(…) We must produce, we must create lasting jobs in France: this is the goal of the responsibility pact. To undertake, create, take risks, this is the positive measure that I encourage, it is good for our country. We will act to encourage enterprises, to improve the functioning of the labor market, to simplify procedures. Everyone must commit to employment: it is an initiative that will renew our country. This pact must materialize.

Note: The above excerpts are from Libération. The excerpts below are from an English-language site This French Life, that I was fortunate to find because translating economic information is difficult for me. (The speech was widely reported in the English-language press.)

(…) First of all, there’s the cost of labour. It must fall. That’s one of the levers of competitiveness: it’s not the only one, but it carries a lot of weight. The government of Jean-Marc Ayrault began the drive with the creation of the competitiveness and employment tax credit, which is due to reach €12 billion this year and €20 billion next year. We’ll take reductions in the cost of work to €30 billion by 2016.


I refuse to pit the effort for the least qualified jobs – which we need – against the effort for the qualified jobs which make us competitive, particularly in industry. The one addresses the urgent need to create jobs and the other the necessity of exporting. So we’ll do both.

Note: "Least qualified" refers to unskilled labor. These are the jobs most immigrants usually seek. However, more and more, due to affirmative action, they are demanding the more "qualified" jobs that theoretically should go to Frenchmen. This explosive topic was not addressed by Valls.

At the level of the minimum wage, employer contributions to URSSAF [Unions de Recouvrement des Cotisations de Sécurité Sociale et d’Allocations Familiales – network of private organizations which collect social security contributions] will be ended on 1 January 2015. Zero taxes for employers on employees who are paid the minimum wage. That’s change! That’s a real revolution! The scale of existing reductions between the minimum wage and 1.6 times the minimum wage will consequently be modified. We’ll devote €4.5 billion to this.

Note: Social Security is the national health insurance. He's saying that companies will not have to pay into the fund for those employees who receive the minimum wage.

For salaries up to three and a half times the minimum wage, i.e. – let’s never forget this – more than 90% of employees, family allowance contributions will be reduced by 1.8 points on 1 January 2016. That is an additional reduction of nearly €4.5 billion. It will in no way penalize the financing of family policy, to which other predictable receipts will be allocated. Self-employed workers and traders, who represent a job creation reservoir, will benefit from a more than three-point reduction in their family allowance contributions from 2015 onwards – i.e. €1 billion.

Note: So companies with workers who earn up to three and a half times the minimum wage will not have to pay into the family allocation fund. Families themselves will not be penalized.

That’s the state’s effort. It’s equal to the challenge: €30 billion in reductions in the cost of labour, i.e. the equivalent of family allowance contributions. As the President announced on 14 January.

To increase investment, the government will also act through taxation. Firstly by reducing production taxes like the Contribution Sociale de Solidarité des Sociétés [tax on companies to fund social security], paid by 300,000 companies. It will be completely eliminated in three years. This represents some €6 billion in additional margins, €1 billion of it in 2015.

Regarding taxation on company profits, the surtax established under the previous government term will be eliminated in 2016, as expected. The normal rate of this tax will also be reduced to 28% in 2020, with an initial intermediate stage in 2017. Finally, to simplify our tax system, several dozen small, complex and low-yield taxes will be eliminated.

Note: Reducing the tax on profits is a reform - but it's put off until 2020!

Ladies and gentlemen deputies, the State has shouldered its responsibilities. It’s up to employers to honour their commitments. They were specified in the agreement reached between the employers and unions on 5 March. This agreement sets two major goals: job creation, particularly for young people and older people; and the quality of employment, the training of employees, apprenticeship and the improvement and recognition of qualifications.

Note: There is much more on the economy, but I would rather move on to a segment of the speech quoted at Le Salon Beige:

(…) France is also a country of liberty. The majority (i.e., the Socialists) proved that by opening marriage to same-sex couples. But I would like appeasement, and so would the President of the Republic. That too is the left! The left is faithful to itself and its values when it can address everyone and bring them together. In a country riddled with fractures and rumors, notably on this so-called gender theory, all republicans must learn to listen to one another, find common ground and avoid excesses that lead only to the victory of extremism.

Note: When accused of forcing "gender theory" in the public schools, the government had responded that it was a "rumor". In fact, gender theory is surreptitiously included in the general sex education package that schools are forced to teach. Note too that he says "all republicans", not "all Frenchmen".

(…) I'm thinking about penal code reform, the goal of which, I remind you, is to fight against repeat offenders. I'm thinking about the family, a subject we must continue to legislate on, solely in the interest of the child. I'm thinking about immigration and asylum policies: two bills that you will soon examine. I'm thinking also about end-of-life, on which a consensus can be found in the extension of the Leonetti law.

Note: The above law is similar to the instructions we all receive from our doctors and lawyers - write your "advance directive" and be sure your heirs (who have everything to gain from your death) know what to do! I am personally totally against this practice, though I had to comply with it in order to get a certain type of health insurance. The Leonetti law attempts to distinguish between "compassionate" palliative care and active attempts to continue to treat the patient. This is not possible to predict, nor is it possible to determine exactly when a person should be kept alive or "allowed to die". These questions have resulted in many Catholics being opposed to the Leonetti law.

LSB readers have a lot to say:

- Go on with your job of destroying the family… do you at least know what a family is, Monsieur Valls? You call yourself a Catholic… I think that you don't understand! And since we are spied upon, maybe you will read this, but your political schemes and your pride could not care less!

- When Valls speaks of appeasement that means: beginning now those who don't agree with me can shut their mouth!

- Will Mme Valls, Mme Taubira and their daughters be the first to bear children and put them up for sale, in order to set an example? It's such a step forward that the republicans should be the first to make use of it. Slavery is back in the French Republic: spread the word…

- Oh go back to Spain! France is seduced by these foreigners who hate us. We must seize power.

- He doesn't give a damn about us, our families, or the interest of the child. He doesn't give a damn about France. Monsieur Valls is an impostor, a crook, a coward, a thug, a cynic who only believes in his own little self! He should be stripped of French nationality!

Note: Valls is part Spanish, part Italian Swiss (Manuel Carlos Valls Galfetti, Galfetti being his mother's maiden name), and thoroughly trained in the art of Socialism. Socialism is always the same, it has no nationality. A Socialist will feel at home in any Socialist country. In a 2007 article from Le Point Valls is described as a young ambitious mayor who wants to become the "Sarkozy of the left". Since Sarko was already a leftist in disguise, this was no Herculean task. We can be fairly sure that the end result will be the same - covered-up failure, punctuated by minor pseudo-successes that will be used to promote his chances in the 2017 presidential election. (Just speculating)

In a critique of the newly re-shuffled government, Catholic writer Guillaume de Thieulloy, having listed his concerns, turns to the potential for loss of freedom under Valls:

(…) Finally, my last concern is about Manuel Valls himself. I have not forgotten that he was one of the few locally elected Socialists to take into account the reality of the situation, to propose ending the 35-hour work week, to understand the problem of crime. But I cannot forget either his disastrous record as Interior Minister… And above all, I see that the only way he can obtain the support of the weakened Socialist majority in the National Assembly is to make pledges. Now, the only ones possible, without altering radically his image (a slow and dangerous undertaking, not worth risking), are those connected to public liberties - in particular the Internet, the bête noire of Socialists. There is every reason to believe that it will be against the honest people, and especially against our freedoms, that this "combative government" will act. Our freedoms have already shrunk, like a shagreen skin.

Note: The reference to shagreen skin is taken from the Balzac novel La Peau de Chagrin in which a piece of shagreen gradually shrinks, symbolizing the passage of time and the approach of death, like an hourglass. In other words, France does not have much time. Shagreen is a type of rawhide.

Below, the impassioned Prime Minister.

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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Barbarous gang rape in Évry

While I try to decide what is most important to write about, in a time of continuous and momentous headline news, here is a story of a crime that took place in Évry on March 31. It is not an isolated or random crime. On the contrary, thousands of young girls in France have been subjected to this kind of brutality, only to find the courts lax and indifferent to their cause. This time, possibly for the first time, it was a little bit different. From Valeurs Actuelles:

Some crimes have a wide-ranging impact. This is one of them, not by its atrocity, since our daily lives are full of it, but by its significance. It occurred on March 30, a little past midnight, in a park in Évry, the administrative center of Prime Minister Manuel Valls' district. (Note: Valls was mayor of Évry until 2012.) Since it took place the night before the second round of the municipal elections, it did not get the attention it deserved.

That night, an eighteen-year-old girl got off the regional rail at Évry station, and made a call on her cell phone. Four individuals jumped on her, and dragged her to a near-by park. They stripped her of everything, then they undressed her and raped her, taking turns. An indescribable rape of barbaric cruelty. The gang of four tortured her for more than two hours before leaving her, bleeding. A driver in a passing car took her and called for help. She had enough strength to file a complaint. The police went with her to the E.R. where she was given a three-month exemption from work. Now she is traumatized for life.

Thanks to her detailed description and the video surveillance images, the police arrested the four suspects in less than twenty-four hours, and their DNA confirmed their guilt. The questioning began on March 31 in the afternoon. The four rapists are minors: two of them are thirteen, one fifteen, and one seventeen. Three Turkish brothers, one Moroccan. Special facts: the eldest, seventeen, had been released six months earlier after serving two thirds of a two-year sentence for the rape of the son of a gendarme sub-officer. Released without surveillance. Now he is a repeat offender. Two of the others have already been arrested for armed robbery. Four criminals, three repeat offenders - all minors!

During the questioning, and from what we know about the investigation, the minors did not express the slightest remorse. On the contrary, they expressed their hatred: yes, they would not have touched the girl if she had been a Turk; yes, they attacked her because she was French and "the French are all sons of whores". The judge who jailed them indicted them for gang rape and barbarity, but also, and this is very rare, for racism.

These facts speak for themselves. We hope Madame Taubira has been made aware of them, because of their significance. The four young criminals feared nothing, not punishment or taboo. And yet their parents had settled in France, and they attend school. Where did this thirst for hatred come from, that led them to commit unspeakable acts on a young girl, barely older than they, a symbol of their host country? What will be blamed as the cause? Unemployment? Uncertainty? Inequality?

A young woman will suffer privately the rest of her life. And four thugs will also waste their young years in a prison - we cannot believe they won't be duly sentenced. But there is that reform to the criminal code instituted by Madame Taubira - it seems that the "icon of the left" made passing this reform one of the conditions for her staying on as Justice minister. A reform which, in its current form, aims to empty out the prisons of those criminals sentenced to five years or less, is indulgent with regard to minors, and is not dissuasive with regard to repeat offenders of all ages.

True punishment is inseparable from respect. But respect for the human person, for authority, for the laws of a country is but the result of a hierarchy of values taught from childhood. According to the latest report from the National Consultative Commission on Human Rights, 68% of the French believe that foreigners "do not make any attempt to integrate". (…)

Note: We get from this that Taubira said she would stay on as minister of Justice only if she were allowed to pass a harmful and unjust law. The fact that Hollande (or Valls) agreed to her demand speaks volumes about their concept of right and wrong. In a sane society, she would have been fired from the ministry for attempting to pass such a reform. Since becoming minister she has emphasized her goal of emptying out the prisons on grounds that it doesn't do any good to keep them locked up! We also learn that she is nicknamed "icon of the left"!

Some reactions from Le Salon Beige readers:

- All my sympathy to the girl. How is it that the press and the TV news did not mention it? This act of barbarity says a lot about the state of mind of some people, the worst thing being their youth, which does not excuse them, on the contrary, it is an omen of the worst that will come if someone doesn't do something.

- Their place is not in France. The misinformation on the double penalty is a scandal. All patriots and Catholics who supported Sarkozy would do well to remember that it was he, and not François Hollande or Harlem Désir, or any other Socialist, who passed that law.

Note: He is speaking of the law on double penalty, which Sarkozy signed. The law forbids double punishment for a crime. A criminal who serves a sentence in France for a crime, cannot be deported back to his homeland once he is released. The deportation is regarded as a "second punishment." So these four rapists, having served their time, will be allowed to stay in France.

Also, Harlem Désir, head of the Socialist Party has just been named as Secretary of State on European Affairs, an appointment that has aroused anger from many quarters.

- With the arrival of Harlem Désir in the government, these four individuals can strut their stuff. Let's bet that they will quickly be released and the girl will be put in jail for "having provoked them."

Note: Several criminal trials (two of them in Avignon) have done what he says - the rapists were all excused on grounds that the rape was just a "right of passage" of youth, and the female victims were all "begging for it" anyway.

- Now, Catholics, do you get it? Stop being naive.

Note: LSB readers, who are mostly Catholic, are realists about Islam and don't hesitate to upbraid Catholics for their bleeding heart attitudes.

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Sunday, April 06, 2014

The Mayor of Fréjus

As a very eventful week in French political history comes to an end, we should take a closer look at those Front National candidates who will now be mayors, and who will be - you can be certain - subjected to microscopic scrutiny in every action they take and every word they utter. They will not be allowed to make a mistake, while the others, sycophants to the ruling elite, toe the line with regard to Islam, mosques, crime, immigration, education, etc… The Front National mayors will have an impossible task - to rescue a city from decades of decay and despair, without doing or saying anything that could be construed as fascistic, nazi, homophobic, xenophobic, genderphobic, Islamophobic, racist, anti-antiracist, and so on… They will, in fact not be allowed to say very much at all, and should they err, they will spend the rest of their days apologizing, lighting candles and begging for mercy.

On election night, in the city of Fréjus, on the Mediterranean, there were demonstrations against David Rachline (above), the 26-year-old newly elected mayor.

A short article dated March 30 from Novopress relates:

On one side insults and threats. On the other, champagne toasts with protection from the riot police. Fréjus is tense: its new mayor, David Rachline, 26, is of the Front National. The verdict at the polls was not in their favor, but so what? Hooded thugs and left-wingers crowded together in front of the campaign headquarters of the new mayor shouting "Nique le FN" (which of course means "F… the FN")

An update to the article:

Philippe Vardon, candidate in the municipal elections in Nice, was attacked last night (March 30) in Fréjus by a group of four individuals. He indicated that he was recognized as soon as he arrived and was attacked by "four thugs" carrying a jack and a knife, and that he sustained an injury to his hand. In a Facebook message he said:

(…) A group of four thugs recognized me in the parking lot. The attack was immediate, with a few blows (a tire jack is solid, but so is my neck), and especially a stab wound to my hand. It wasn't my first scar, and I say to all these little hoodlums and their like, that I will not back off.

Below, a quick look at the mêlée:

Le Figaro also reported on the violence in Fréjus:

Elected in the second round with 45.55% of the vote, it seems that David Rachline, 26, is causing concern to some of the residents of Fréjus. The new mayor had to wait before addressing the press and called on the authorities to restore order to the Front National headquarters, where angry crowds had gathered.

David Rachline believes that the trouble was caused by people "who do not live in Fréjus", but he pointed the finger nonetheless at the local Socialist party. "Elsa di Meo (the Socialist candidate) bears much of the responsibility for this disruption; she never stopped trying to scare the people of Fréjus," the new mayor said, announcing that he will file a suit. "Nobody should feel that he will be left by the wayside," he promised.

Questioned on television, Marine Le Pen's young lieutenant sought to pacify. "The people of Fréjus will be treated with perfect equity, whatever their origin, their religion, their political party, their social condition."

Associations such as SOS Racism, announced after the first round, that they would be forming vigilance committees to watch the FN cities. Rachline remained calm: "That diverse opposition groups react to our policies, and, why not, advise us in a constructive way, would be very interesting. It is no problem at all for us, on the contrary."

Note: David Rachline is very young to be a mayor, and his biography reveals a mixture of dedication to the Front National and confused feelings about his own origins and identity. From Wikipedia:

Born December 2, 1987, in Saint-Raphael, David Rachline is the son of Serge Rachline, whose grandparents, Jews from the Ukraine, came to France during the last century. A member of the Front National since he was fifteen, he dropped out of school at eighteen to devote his time to the party. After proving his mettle in the FNJ (Front National Youth Movement), in the department of le Var, he actively participated in the last presidential campaign of Jean-Marie Le Pen in 2007. One year later, he became head of the FNJ, and then Marine Le Pen's Internet adviser.

In 2008 he was elected municipal councilor of Fréjus. Two years later he became regional councilor of Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur, elected on Jean-Marie Le Pen's ticket.

But Rue 89, in an article dating from September 2011, shows him to be hesitant on the question of his Jewish background, and defensive about his relations with Alain Soral (the "antisionist" philosopher and friend of Dieudonné):

David Rachline explains that he is not Jewish "according to the code": his mother is not Jewish. But his father Serge was a non-practicing Jew and a Socialist. He was sixteen when his father died. As a child he was not raised in the religion - no circumcision, no bar mitzvah. "We didn't talk about it. My parents wanted me to choose when I grew up. I think it's good to allow the choice: there should be no inherited religion."

Note: His modernity is showing. Religion is always passed on. Of course, you can convert (unless you are a Muslim). But religion is meant to be passed on. The fault here lies with the atheism of the family. Naturally he doesn't feel Jewish, in those circumstances.

Since the death of his father, David Rachline has tried to "get away from all that". He knows that his family comes from Ukraine, and that's all (or all that he is willing to say). He doesn't know if his paternal grand-parents were deported: "It's possible."

On the topic of Alain Soral he says:

"What I liked especially about Soral was his criticism of liberalism (economic sense). And you can be against the international policies of Israel without being antisemitic."

Note: True, but you cannot be against the existence of the State of Israel without being antisemitic. Anymore than you can be against the existence of France without being anti-French. Soral is certainly antisemitic, and an ally of Iran, but he seems to have an appeal for many of those with ambiguous feelings about Israel.

David Rachline claims to have no problem with the FN. He is considered an activist like the others:

"I cannot stand it when people call Arabs "melons" and Jews "youpins". If that were the case in the FN, I would leave.

Finally, David Rachline adds that if he were to choose a religion today, he would lean toward Catholicism which is "close to his identitarian conscience."

Note: Which means, I presume, that he identifies so closely with France, that he would become Catholic.

There's more about David Rachline in another article from Le Figaro:

David Rachline did not like an article about himself in l'Express. As a result, the newly elected mayor banned journalist Nicolas Barriquand from his first press conference.

"Do you work for l'Express? You're out. Good-bye," Barriquand was told. "I have orders not to let you in," insisted a man in charge of filtering those who attended the press conference.

Note: What did the article in l'Express say that was so incriminating? It revealed the contents of a book published six years earlier.

In 2008, a book was published entitled Jeunes Nationalistes d'aujourd'hui (Young Nationalists of today) featuring interviews with seven activists from the "extreme-right" including then 20-year-old David Rachline. In the interview he expressed his support for a baby bonus, that he considered the "indispensable condition of a family policy worthy of this name."

This measure, implemented in 1998 in the city of Vitrolles that was governed at the time by Catherine and Bruno Mégret, provided five thousand francs (roughly one thousand dollars) to families where at least one parent was French or a European. The court in Marseille found the application of the principle of "national preference" to be illegal. Mayor Catherine Mégret was convicted of "discrimination and inciting to discriminate" by the criminal court of Aix-en-Provence.

Reminder: Bruno Mégret left the Front National to form his own party in 1998. He and his wife had been accused of trying to impose the ideology of the extreme-right in Vitrolles.

David Rachline explains in the book:

"I was scandalized by the political, legal and financial persecutions, and this led me to become interested in militant political action and to join the Front National."

In short, there was nothing incriminating in the Express article or in the book itself, but Rachline apparently feared it looked bad and in anger banned the journalist.

For her part Marine Le Pen is insisting that the new FN mayors "will not turn their cities into ideological laboratories."

How they will be able to govern without an ideology remains to be seen.

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